The Taste of the Dhamma


This is a new feature length film from the French film maker Isi Dhamma featuring young actors from a school in Myanmar.

This story has a very interesting, even if rather involved plot: things start going wrong in school when one of the kids loses her memory and accusations are swapped.

The teacher decides to hold an investigation and the three accused are asked to tell what they know about what happened, and three others are set to judge their guilt.

The film then evolves like a Kurosawa epic, with levels of truth being peeled off by the main actors, who didn’t always understand what was happening.

During the film children are given potions to help them understand the future, travel back into the past and so on; but the real magic begins only near the end when they learn meditation.

The film maker himself plays the role of the hermit meditation teacher living on a mountain who acts as the kids’ meditation teacher.

The child actors are, as always, far better than anyone has a right to expect, and the whole complex film is well edited and produced with minimal resources.

I previously showed a couple of other films by the same team: Nivarana, the box of desires, and The Great Legacy.

As they are making many short films also, please like their Facebook Page to show appreciation and get the latest updates as well.


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