A Day in the Life of a Sri Lankan Child Monk

A Day in the Life of a Child Monk

This is a very simple and well made non-verbal film following the lives of a group of novice monks at a monk’s training school (pirivena) in Sri Lanka, though which one is not mentioned.

There is no narration or interview, but we simply follow the monks through the day starting at 4.30 when they rise and clean up before going for morning tea, made by the senior monks, and later for breakfast.

We see them offering Buddha Pūjā at one of the main shrine halls, engaged in short meditation sessions, and going about their studies, which includes secular subjects such as mathematics.

The film comes to a close shortly thereafter as we see the students settling down for the night in dormitories and putting out the lights.

Although many people do not like the idea of children becoming monks, in fact their lives are often very well ordered, peaceful and educational.

They also learn self-discipline, how to live with others, and how to be enrich their own lives and be of service to the communities they live in.

Many may envy the opportunity for such an education.


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