Tashi and the Monk

An exceptional film looking at a troubled young girl and the ex-monk who brings faith and trust back into her life.

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Children’s Past Lives

A documentary looking at various cases of past life recall amongst children around the world.

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Seeds of Hope, A Story of Buddhist Orphanages in Africa

A film looking at the work of a Taiwanese monk in southern Africa, and the orphanages he has set up there (English and Mandarin with subtitles).

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The Taste of the Dhamma

A new film from Myanmar by Isi Dhamma and his young actors featuring magic potions and the only antidote: meditation (Myanmar, with English and French subs).

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Children Full of Life

Here is a moving award-winning documentary from Japan’s NHK which follows the life of a class of 10 year old students through an academic year in which they learn more about the realities of life.

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The Story of Mahājanaka

An animated retelling of one of the most popular Jataka stories, illustrating the perfection of perserverance.

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Many Happy Returns (Rebirth Stories)

The story of two children from very different backgrounds who report that they can remember their past lives.

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Children of God

A moving documentary about kids living in a crematorium on the banks of the Bagmati River in Kathmandu, Nepal, where they make their living scavenging from offerings made at a cremation.

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Children of the Tsunami

This is a moving film from the BBC following the thoughts and reflections of a group of children affected by the tsunami that hit north-east Japan in 2011.

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Tears of Gaza

A devastating documentary on the effects of modern warfare, concentrating on people who are undoubtedly innocent of any crime or provocation: the children who were caught up in a war zone.

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