Arithmetic, Population and Energy


This is a lecture on some important issues which illustrate the unsustainable nature of growth, both in population and energy.

Using simple maths and striking examples Prof. Bartlett shows how most talk about this subject is simply wrong, because of not being able to do the sums.

Still today, in yet another economic recession, we hear talk of the need for more growth to drag the economy out of the slump. No regard is paid at all to what the consequences of even small growth rates are for the environment or poverty.

This lecture was filmed in 2002, and at that time Prof Bartlett had already been speaking and warning people on this subject for 30+ years. I saw that another recording of the same lecture was given 2012.

Seems like nobody is listening, and one reason is, that it doesn’t suit corporate interests for you to know the truth, but if you watch this film it will change the way you think about the problems we face and where we go from here.


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