Nivarana, the box of desires

Nivarana, the box of desires

This is a very innovative film made in Myanmar and produced with local kids as the actors, and on a very low budget by Isi Dhamma, a french Buddhist living in the country.

It tells the story of Susu, a poor beggar girl who loves to dance, and who goes through many adventures before discovering the truth about life and death.

The film is set in Mandalay and plays out against the rich cultural setting of the city, where Susu begs, later works and falls in love.

The child actors throughout are amazingly good at their roles, and the film, besides telling an engaging story, also has a deep message for people.

There is plenty of Dhamma in the film, from meditation to reflections about life, and it forms the intellectual background to the film as much as Mandalay forms the physical backdrop.


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