Yangon, Myanmar (Expoza)

Yangon, Myanmar

This is from a series of films by Global Television shot all over world, giving well photographed introductions to various places, of which we will be focusing on the ones of interest to Buddhists.

The films are quite light introductions to their subjects, mainly good photography, well chosen soundtracks, and a reasonable, but sometimes inaccurate, narration giving a cultural and historical introduction to its subject.

This week’s film looks at the major city of Yangon and its surroundings, and is dominated, as is the city itself, by its magnificent Buddhist temples and architecture, including one of the finest Temples in the world, the Shwe Dagon.

We also see other temples in the city, including the Chauktatkyi Temple, and the Botataung, Kaba Aye and Sule Pagodas, and the film also discusses the importance of the markets, the the street-life, and the colonial buildings in the city.

Besides Yangon, the filmmakers travel to Bago and Twante, and see something of the temples there, and the village life that surrounds them. The film travels along the Yangon river and also looks at the traditional arts and crafts.


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