Amazing Tibet 1

Amazing Tibet 1

This is the first of two playlists of films about Tibet I have compiled from the series published under the rubric of Amazing Places on Our Planet and made by Milosh Kitchovitch. Previously I showed a selection of films from China, Japan, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The films are made in high, and super-high definition format, and consist of videos taken at various heritage spots around the country, with accompanying and appropriate music.

In this week’s selection we have a series of films from the capital Lhasa, beginning with a film shot at and around the Potala Palace, which we see in various aspects, early morning, when the sun is high and at night-time. We also see the crowds making circumambulation, prostrations and then the climb up the steps and view from the ramparts.

The second film visits the Jokhang Temple, where we see the statuary, but also the view from the rooftops of the magnificent mountain tops; and then moves on to the Barkhor, which is the densely built up area around the Temple, with its circumambulatory paths.

The third of this weeks films goes to the Drepung and Sera monasteries which are in the suburbs of the capital, and the section shot at Sera includes the monks debating in the afternoon sessions.


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