Amazing Laos

Amazing Laos

This is another of the Amazing Places of the World series made by Milosh Kitchovitch, which I have featured often in this collection here before.

At the moment there is only the one film from Laos, and that is taken at Luang Prabang, if more are added to the series I will update the playlist as they come available.

The video is short and non-verbal, with some pleasant music playing in the background, but it is the photography which is outstanding, and it is made in UHD (Ultra High Definition).

The video features many of the main temples found in this heritage city, and also travels up the Mekong to visit the famous Pak Ou caves. It certainly makes Luang Prabang look like a great destination for those interested in Buddhist culture.


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to see a set of stills click on the screenshot below


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