Life as Cinema, the Making of the Cup

Life as Cinema, the Making of the Cup

This is another film by Anika Tokarchuk following the reincarnate lama Khentsye Rinpoche, this time as he makes his first feature film, The Cup. I previously showed another film about the same subject You are Dreaming Me.

This film seems to precede You are Dreaming Me, and looks at the actual making of the film, from storyline, first thought up at Bodhgaya by Rinpoche, through its realisation, with interviews with production staff and the non-professional actors he used in the film.

Besides this we get ample time dedicated to Rinpoche’s reflections on the relationship between film and life, and how he came to make the film in the first place. There are lots of entertaining anecdotes along the way, and Rinpoche is as charismatic as ever. The film cannot be embedded, so please follow the link and watch it on Vimeo.

For those of you who are enchanted by Rimpoche, there is also another film featured on this site, in which he opens a new monastery in the Himalayas: Drupchen, A Visual Journey.


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