One Day with Rinpoche (The Thread of Karma)

One Day with (the Reincarnation of Khensur) Rinpoche

Following on from last week’s film about the discovery of the reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche, this film, also known as The Thread of Karma, looks at one day in the life of the young master, Phara Khenchen Rinpoche when he is in his mid-20s around 2006.

Rinpoche lives in the Drepung monastery in south India in the company of 1000s of other monks, and his life revolves for now around his studies and the relationships he has with lamas who also knew his previous incarnation.

He is taught by Geshe Wangchen and looked after by Lama Choenzey Dakpa Samdup, both of whom were his disciples in the previous life, who are now honoured to look after the tulku and help him take up the mantle of his predecessor.

Rinpoche of course, although a great scholar in his previous life, still has to relearn the teachings of his tradition, and spends many hours reciting and memorising the texts. He also engages in debates, and takes part in various ceremonies during the day.


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