Cave in the Snow, the Life of Tenzin Palmo

Cave In The Snow, the Life of Tenzin Palmo

This is a documentary about the remarkable life of Tenzin Palmo, who is the most senior Tibetan-tradition nun in the world at present.

She was born as Diane Perry in 1943 in Woolmers Park and brought up in tough circumstances in Bethnal Green, London.

Becoming a Buddhist at age 18 she moved to India a couple of years later, and in 1964 was ordained as a śrāmaṇerī under the guidance of her root guru, Khamtrul Rinpoche.

She took higher ordination in the Chinese tradition in Hong Kong in 1973, and after working for several years in Rinpoche’s monastery, moved into solitary retreat in 1976.

This was in a very remote area of Lahul in India, and is where she lived and practiced for the following twelve years, until it seems she was expelled from India for overstaying her visa.

She spent the next few years giving talks and fundraising in order to build a nunnery where women would be able to get the same sort of training which was commonly available for males.

Her Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery was finally opened in 2000, and since then has gone on to one of the main supports for female monastics in the Tibetan tradition.

The documentary consists mainly of Tenzin’s recollections, thoughts and aspirations, along with appropriate photographs, and the occasional interview with others who were influential in her life.



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