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A short video about the Jewish-American Soto Zen teacher, Norman Fischer, a disciple of Shunryu Suzuki, and his wife Michelle Meyrink, who is a Rinzai practioner.

Norman and Michelle give teachings, talk about their life, and how Zen is integrated with their family life and practice.

The video is arranged in various chapters which gives a fairly good idea of its subject range:

  • Zazen
  • Marraige Practice
  • Zen Rituals
  • Sumu
  • Forms of Zen
  • Family Work Practice
  • Poetry in Practice

The last chapter is because Norman is a recognised poet, having around a dozen books released up till now.

He is also the founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation, and a regular teacher at the San Fransisco Zen Center, where he was previously co-abbot.


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Zen Practice Bell


Shunryu Suzuki


Michelle Meyrink


Zen Saying


Zen Saying


Zen Saying

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