My Reincarnation

My Reincarnation

This is a film shot over 30 years or so about the troubled relationship between Rinpoche Choygal Namkhal Norbu, one of the most famous Dzogchen teachers in his time, and his son by an Italian wife, Yeshi.

The film is mainly seen from Yeshi’s point of view, as we see him struggling with family life when his father is mainly absent on teaching tours, and living in a western world, far from the support he would have been given in a more typical Tibetan family.

Yeshi is recognised from a young age as being a Rinpoche himself, being the reincarnation of his uncle, himself a famous teacher. However, as he says he doesn’t want to be the shadow of someone else, but his own person.

After having a family and a successful career at IBM, Yeshi himself starts feeling more drawn towards the spiritual life again, and has dreams that reinforce that feeling. He eventually goes to Tibet, where he is recognised by his uncle’s friends.

Having a background in business and organisation Yeshi starts organising his Father’s retreats, as they become larger and more difficult to manage. And eventually he also sets out on the road as a teacher in the same tradition.


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