Angkor Wat Lotus Temple

Angkor-Wat-Lotus-Temple-Thumb.jpgThis is a short video from National Geographic’s Atmosphere podcast, which put out some excellent material around 2008/9 before ceasing publication. Fortunately they are still up on the Net if you know where to look.

This one is a look at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which I visited twice this year. It starts with a beautiful sunrise over the temple, which is one of the more memorable events at Angkor – I must have attended a dozen while I was there, and have hundreds of photographs of the same event on different days!

Then it enters Angkor itself – remarkably empty for the day, which is something I never saw! Then we follow some monks as they walk round and climb up the monument, which is not allowed normally.

There are also scenes from the Churning of the Ocean and the omnipresent Apsaras, before dusk and sunset begin. A compressed visit to one of the world’s most impressive monuments, and all in 9 minutes.

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