3D modelling of the Temples of Angkor

3D modelling of the Temples of Angkor

This is a film from the Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany, giving 3D modelling of the various temple sites in Angkor, as well as of the surrounding civilisation.

Although the film is in German, and there are no subtitles, it is so brilliantly realised that I thought to include it here, as it supplements many of the other films I have presented about Angkor.

The modelling is made not just of the famous Angkor Wat, but also of Bayon, Bakheng, Ta Phrom and others, and also explains many things about the hydraulic works that supported the cities and surrounding towns.

It would be really wonderful if somebody could provide subtitles in English for the film, as there is evidently a lot of research gone into it, and at present it is only available to German speakers.


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to see a set of stills click on the date at the top of the embed below


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