Dumped Nuclear Waste in European Seas

Dumped Nuclear Waste

For decades it has been policy in the UK and in Europe to dump highly radioactive nuclear waste at sea. The reasoning is that the sea dilutes the radiation to the point where it is harmless.

Up and till 1993 the waste was simply put in barrels and the barrels were dropped unceremoniously, and without proper recording, into chosen spots in the seas all round Britain and Europe.

After many successful protests by Greenpeace and others that practice was stopped, but a new policy was instituted, dumping through pipelines, technically legal as it is considered dumping on land, which is allowed.

This film by Manfred Ludwig and Thomas Reutter was made last year in an attempt to find out what has happened to the barrels that were dumped, and to assess the dangers from continuing dumping at sea.

The results, while by no means conclusive, are indicative of a greater spread of cancers amongst the populations close to these sources of radiation, which are much higher than safe limits allow.

With the revelations about the leakage and dumping of huge amounts of radioactive materials around Fukushima recently this has got to be a further source of alarm.

The odd thing about this film is that Fukushima is mentioned only once, and not really connected to the present enquiry, although it’s relevance is striking.

Unfortunately the film has been distorted during upload, and what is actually a 16×9 format shows at 4×3.


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