Stop Over: Bangkok and the rivers of Thailand


This film is by the same team who made the film about northern Vietnam last week, but this is from 1999 and is set in Thailand, and in the Chao Phraya delta region.

The film both begins and ends in Bangkok, but first goes on some interesting detours to Nakhon Pathom, where we see the largest Chedi in the world, and the pilgrims who visit it.

As is the usual style in Alain Dayan’s films he likes also to spent time with ordinary folk living along the waterways and see what their life is like, it is one of the charms of his films.

Here we see market-boat sellers plying their trade in Damnoen Saduak on the crowded waterways and canals.

The filmmakers then return to Bangkok and head up the Chao Phraya river on a trip to the old capital of Ayutthaya.

But first they stop off to see Wat Kai Tia, where they offer dana to the monks, and on to Bang Pa In, the magnificent palace complex built by the kings.

The film lingers a long time in Ayutthaya exploring the great ruins that remain after the destruction of the old capital by the Burmese.

And finally we return to see some of the glories of the new capital Bangkok, with its Phra Keow complex and Wat Pho.

Along the way we find out about Thai culture, people and religion and how they are all interwoven in everyday life.


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