Stop Over: Hanoi, Halong Bay

Stop Over: Hanoi, Halong Bay

This is the first in a series of travelogues by Alain Dayan I will be showing of travels and voyages in SE Asia, particularly along its waterways.

The first one takes a journey in north Vietnam area, from Hanoi to the Perfumed Pagoda, Tam Coc, Hoa Lu and the famous Halong Bay.

The films are beautifully shot, and look like a series of tableaus, and along the way we discover something about the culture and natural beauties of the countries we visit.

One of the really good things about the series is the emphasis on talking, not to experts, but to real people who live and work in the areas and getting their thoughts.

Starting in Hanoi and looking at the attractions there, the journey goes on to the Perfumed Pagoda, where pilgrims gather in their thousands.

We also visit the limestone rivers and lakes, and the caves that they have carved out of the natural landscape, before heading to the coast.

A lot of time is spent amongst the natural wonders of Halong Bay, and on cruises around the bay, visiting the caves and meeting the area’s inhabitants.

All-in-all it provides an unpretentious and very enjoyable look at the north of Vietnam, with very fine filming, editing and storyline.


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