Cambodia’s Land and People (Folkways of Indochina)

Cambodia’s Land and People

This is another in CNTV’s Folkways of Indochina series which focuses on Cambodia. The title is actually taken from a book written by a Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan, who was stationed in Angkor in the late 13th century.

There is not very much about Daguan’s description of the site, though, which is a pity as it remains one of the only descriptions of Angkor from that period.

However, we do get an overview of the site looking at things from a Chinese point-of-view, and noting Chinese connections to the Cambodian people.

We first hear about the construction of Angkor Wat, and then move on to a description of Angkor Thom, which is suitably illustrated with video from the various sites.

Although not the best of the films about Angkor I have on this site it does serve as a popular introduction and provide an overview of the site.


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