Secrets of Shangri-La: Quest for Sacred Caves

Secrets of Shangri-La: Quest for Sacred Caves

Last week I showed here the Lost Cave Temples Of The Himalaya, in which a group of climbers and international and local experts entered some of the caves in Mustang, uncovering remarkable treasures that have lain hidden in the caves for centuries.

One year a new team get permission to make a further exploration in the hope of saving some of the treasures from thieves on the one hand and the deprivations of time on the other.

They face some of the same obstacles as on the first expeditation: inaccessible and dangerous cliffs and caves, resistant locals, who do not want their heritage carted off without being consulted, etc.

Eventually the team manages to get a letter from the King of Mustang, the local Khenpo and various other concerned people, and remove thousands of pages of old books from one of the cave-complexes.

At another they find that the site has been used for burials, and the skeletons of bodies thousands of years old are exhumed and sections taken for carbon-dating, and so on.

The film is made by the same team with Liesl Clark filming her husband climber Pete Athans and others as they explore these remote sites and bring to light some of the history of the region.


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