Himalaya, Path of Yarchagumba

Himalaya  Path of Yarchagumba

A look at the life of those Himalayan villagers who crop and sell the most expensive fungus on earth (Korean with English subtitles).

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Untouchable Love

Untouchable Love

Stories from Nepal of young lovers and how casteism impacts upon the lovers, their families and communities.

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Mustang, a Kingdom on the Edge

Mustang, a Kingdom on the Edge

A report from the remote kingdom of Mustang in Nepal, on the effects of globalization on the culture of the country.

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Himalaya, a Leader’s Childhood

Himalaya, a Leader

A movie about salt traders and their epic journey through the Nepalese Himalayas, during which they grow and come to deeper understandings about life.

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Hannah, Buddhism’s Untold Journey

Hannah, Buddhism

A film following the life of Hannah Nydahl, one of the founders of Diamond Way Buddhism, and her encounters with many high Lamas.

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Hidden Treasure Of Bön

A second film about Geshe Geleg’s journeys to Mustang to discover the ancient traditions of Bön.

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In Search of Zhang Zhung

A film about a young monk’s pilgrimage in search of the ancient traditions of the Bön religion in Tibet and Mustang, Nepal.

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Bhaktapur, Nepal (Expoza)

A look at the historical site of Bhaktapur in Nepal and its magnificent squares, temples and architecture.

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Beyond the Himalayas 5, Higher Than Everest

The final film in this series tracing an Indian expedition in which they move out of Lhasa and cross Tibet on their way to Mt Everest.

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Amazing Nepal

Four videos from Nepal in the Amazing Places series covering temples and buildings in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

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