Ellora, Faith Religion Art

Ellora, Faith Religion Art

This is another exceptionally well-made documentary from the Madras Documentary Company, which I have featured in this series many times. This time they focus on the over 100 rock-cave temples at Ellora in Maharasthra, India.

These caves are not amongst the earliest of the caves, but began only when Ellora itself came into prominence on the trade routes during the 7th-11th centuries AD, but they include the Kailash temple, the largest monolithic building in the world.

The first caves to be built were the Buddhist caves 1-12, which were followed by the Hindu caves 13-29 and finally the Jaina caves 30-34, so that in one space we find representatives of these three great religions.

The film is a mixture of animated stills photography and video, well-edited to illustrate a very fine narrative, which is informative, well-researched and inspiring by turns. MDC are certainly producing some of the best videos coming out of India on religious and artistic subjects at present.


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