Singapore, Biophilic City

Singapore, Biophilic City

A look at various projects undertaken in Singapore to green areas of the city, and make it more attractive to live in.

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Xuan Zang Memorial Centre, Nalanda

Xuan Zang Memorial Centre

A look at the building of the Xuan Zang Memorial Centre near Nalanda, and the cooperation between China and India to complete the project.

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Heaven On Earth 6: Buddhism

A look at Buddhism through its art and architecture, part of the Heaven on Earth series.

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Ellora, Faith Religion Art

A short documentary about the rock-cave temples at Ellora, belonging to the three traditions: Buddhist, Hindu and Jaina.

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Forbidden City, Beijing (Expoza)

A look at the seat of residence of the Ming and Qing Emperors in Beijing.

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Bhaktapur, Nepal (Expoza)

A look at the historical site of Bhaktapur in Nepal and its magnificent squares, temples and architecture.

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Archaeological Remains of Nalanda Mahavihara

An excellent film made by ASI about the great Buddhist monastery that flourished in India from around the 5th-12th centuries.

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The Lost Temple

A film about the recovery of a lost temple from the Tang period and the cultural relics it contained.

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The Amaravati Mahacetiya

A short film looking at the Great Stupa and it’s magnificent artworks, originally built at Amaravati in Andhra Pradesh.

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Secrets of the Stupa

A short lecture introducing the cosmological meaning behind the symbology of the Swayambhu stupa.

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