The Silk Road Series 7/16: Khotan-Oasis of Silk and Jade

Khotan Oasis of Silk and Jade

There is very little archeology or art in this episode. The expedition flies over the desert in search of the ruins at Dan-dan Oilik, which was visited by Aurel Stein, but fails to find it as it had been covered by the desert at the time.

Khotan Oasis of Silk and Jade

However, the documentary contains some of the most interesting enthography of the series, amongst the Turkic Uighars in Khotan, who, though previously Buddhist, are now Muslim.

They examine first their jade industry. It was from here that jade went east and silk came through on its way west. They also show a wonderful jade shroud recently rediscovered from nearly 2,000 years ago.

Eventually cocoons were brought from China and there is now a flourishing silk industry also. We also see the local bustling weekend market when people come in from across the desert to trade, and find out about the local Persian-style carpet making.

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