Beyond the Himalayas 3, Tales of the Silk Road

Beyond the Himalayas 3, Tales of the Silk Road

This is the third part of a five-part series about an expedition along the Silk Road across Central Asia, Xinjiang and Tibet. The film is mainly an Indian project (hence the name), but with production help from the UK.

In this section the team travels across the Taklamakan desert from Kucha to Dunhuang visiting many of the ancient Buddhist, Manichean and other archaeological sites, including Karamoto, Bezikil, the Hami Tombs, and the Magao Caves, along the way.

As they go they explain the history associated with the sites, their rediscovery by Europeans at the turn of the 20th century, and meet with the local people and culture, which is now Muslim, and so very different from its historical roots.

As always in this series the film is entertaining and informative, and moves effortlessly from the personal to the historical; and from the past to the present, giving a lively impression of what was and what now is.


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