The Silk Road Series 8/16: A Heat Wave Called Turfan

A Heat Wave called Turfan

The expedition continues its journey westwards through Turfan, The Land of Fire, visiting a dried-up lake 150 metres below sea level, and the Fire Mountains on the way. The country is populated by Uighars, as is so much of this area of the Silk Road, and there is some good ethnographic footage of the people again in this episode.

A Heat Wave called Turfan

The team also visits the largest ruin along the Road, which is the long-abandoned and ruined city of Gao-chang, which was a thriving Buddhist centre at one time, and still has an impressive stupa.

They also visit Bezeklik (Beautifully Decorated) Thousand Buddha Caves, but we see little of the remains, which appear to have been greatly destroyed, first by the Muslim invaders and secondly by 20th century explorers.

The episode ends with a visit to the karez underground irrigation system, where cool waters flow underground for several kilometres until they surface amid thriving trees and fields.

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