The Silk Road Series 10/16: Journey Into Music, South Through the Tian Shan Mountains

Journey into Music, South Through the Tian-Shan Mountains

The theme that runs throughout this week’s episode is music and dance. It includes some of the most interesting ethnographic photography of the Uighars in Kucha along the southern route passing through the Tian Shan mountains, showing how every aspect of their life is permeated by music and dance and we see the harvest songs, a lullaby, the traditional mashrab music and even a tray dance, as well as the the festivities at a marriage ceremony.

Journey into Music, South Through the Tian-Shan Mountains

All of this is reflected on the walls of some of the most important Buddhist remains along the Silk Road and the team visit Subashi castle, which was a huge outpost having over 100 temples in its heyday; and visit various sets of caves outside Subashi, and at Qumtura and Kyzil, which is the largest and most important cave complex after Mogao.

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