The Silk Road Series 9/16: Through the Tian Shan Mountains by Rail

Through the Tian Shan Mountains by Rail

Although there is little of archeological interest in this episode, it remains one of the most memorable as the team take a trip along the newly constructed Turfan to Korla railway, which must be one of the really great railway journeys in the world.

The railway itself goes through tens of tunnels and over many viaducts, some huge, as it makes its ponderous course through the barren mountains. The team also go by camel across one of the highest passes, which the travelers of old would have had to cross on their way along the Silk Road.

Through the Tian Shan Mountains by Rail

Along the way we see something of the nomadic Torft tribe and their music and dancing; visit some ancient nomadic grave mounds, from which interesting gold artifacts have been recovered; and see what is left of the Xi-koshing Buddhist cave complex.

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