Life of Kripasaran Mahashtavir

Life of Kripasaran Mahashtavir

This is a film by Ajoy Roy looking at the great Bengali Buddhist reformer, Ven. Kripasaran (1865-1925), who was one of the pioneers of the revival of Buddhism in Bengal and India, and was known as a Bodhisattva.

The film looks at his personal history, and his struggles to establish a Buddhist presence in Kolkata, his works in many fields and his legacy. The film seems to have been made as part of the 150th birth celebrations in 2015.

Ven. Kripasaran was one of the people who helped with the introduction of Pali studies at Kolkata University, and was also instrumental in many other fields of Buddhist education in his home country around Chittagong.

Although the works of Acarya Dharmapala are very well known to this day, the works of Ven. Kripasaran have been partially forgotten, and this film aims to help reestablish his great contributions in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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