108 Yaks, A Journey of Love and Freedom

108 Yaks

This is a record of an astonishing journey undertaken by a disciple of Lama Zopa, Geshe Thubten Jinpa, to save the lives of 108 yaks doomed to be sold for slaughter in Nepal.

The journey that Geshe accomplishes entails taking a group of over twenty herders and sherpas to a remote location in eastern Nepal, accessible only by walking, and then herding all 108 yaks over some of the most difficult terrain on earth to a new location on the Tibetan border.

The journey is made even more difficult when the track over the last pass at 18,000ft is found to have collapsed in the rain, and has to be rebuilt.

However there was no going back, and onwards was the only option so the team spent six days rebuilding the track before herding the yaks to their new home.

The remarkable fortitude of the people involved in saving the yaks, and their dedication to making sure it all works out as planned is truly inspiring.

As it says at the end it is not possible to save all the animals being brutally treated and killed in the world, but if you have the chance to help some you should take it.


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1 comment to 108 Yaks, A Journey of Love and Freedom

  • karen lee

    Thank you so much for this inspiring wonderful video, to all who made it and initiated it, and participated in it, and to the dear Yaks. Love you all.

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