Tea Road to the Skies 3, On the Roof of the World

Tea Road to the Skies 3  On the Roof of the World

This is the last of a three-part 2010 documentary series from ICTV about the tea road trade from Yunnan to Beijing on the one hand, and Tibet on the other.

In this episode we follow the caravanners along the last two months of their journey to Lhasa. It includes some of the most difficult parts of their journey, as they cross barren wastelands, icy terrains, and in very high, breathtaking, altitudes.

In this episode we also learn how many of the Tibetan monasteries along the way were also engaged in the tea trade, as a way of supporting their religious work. Some lama-traders are interviewed, and we see how far tea has penetrated even ritual activities.

Finally, after six months the caravan reaches its destination, Lhasa, and we see them stood before the Potala Palace, and Jokhang Temple. It is the culmination for this group of their journey – but for others they still have far to go as they cross the Himalayas and go down into India, Pakistan and Nepal before selling.


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