Asian Corridor 1, The Last Horse Caravan

Asian Corridor 1, The Last Horse Caravan

This is the first part of a six episode series made by the Korean Broadcasting System about one of the most ancient trade routes, which even predates the silk route: that known as the tea and horse caravan road leading from Tibet to southern China.

This part follows traders from the Chawaroong village in south Tibet as their make their way over dangerous Himalayan passes and rivers to be able to sell their produce in Meritz, Yunnan in southern China.

For a large part of the way there are no roads to speak off, and path of the path is dangerous indeed, and it seems that each year someone loses his life, or that of his livestock as they try to get their stock to market.

The traders take a kind of mushroom and a rare herb identified as checkered lilies, and once they get it to market they get a handsome price for them. But the journey is dangerous and hard.


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