Food Choices

Food Choices

One man’s voyage of discovery as he enquires into the impact food has on our health and environment.

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H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters

H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters

A film looking at the consequences of an animal-based diet, examining the subject from three sides: health, environment and mental health (English, with French, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles available).

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What the Health

What the HealthWhat-the-Health

A look at the food industry in the US and their collaboration with health organisations in promoting their goods.

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Cowspiracy, the Sustainability Secret

A film that looks at the effects animal husbandry is having on the environment, and why environmentalist groups are ignoring the problem.

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Animals and the Buddha

A film by Dharma Voices for Animals on our relationships with animals from a Buddhist perspective, featuring some of the best known Buddhist activists on animal rights.

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108 Yaks, A Journey of Love and Freedom

A record of an astonishing journey undertaken to save the lives of 108 yaks doomed to be sold for slaughter in Nepal.

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Michael Anderson: Eating (A Plant Based Diet)

Michael Anderson

This is the second edition of Michael Anderson’s documentary on American eating habits, and how they are killing the people they are supposed to be sustaining. It is marked ‘plus’ and therefore I think it must have extra material compared to the normal version.

With the help of medical experts Joseph Crowe, M.D., Dr

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The Emotional World of Farm Animals

Here is an interesting video about something that most people never even think about: the rich and often complex emotional lives of farm animals.

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Devour the Earth

Here is a hard hitting documentary from the Vegetarian Society in England, it was written by Tony Wardle and is narrated by Paul McCartney (the ex-Beatle).

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Earthlings and Speciesism

A film about the relationship between people and animals. Shockingly violent.

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