On the Path of the Buddha

Buddhist Statues in Kyoto

This documentary was made by Philip Lucas of the US Stetson University during a pilgrimage he and three friends made to Nepal and India probably around the turn of the last decade.

But it is not really so much a record of the pilgrimage as it is an introduction to the main pilgrimage sites which they visited.

Starting in Bhairawa in Nepal, the site of ancient Lumbini, the trip goes on to the place of Awakening at Bodhgaya, the site of the First Sermon in present day Sarnath.

It then goes onto Rajgir, where the Buddha founded his first monastery, and Vaisali where he gave his last teachings, before closing at Kusinara, where he passed away.

In a relatively short film (50 minutes) Lucas, who also wrote the script, manages to get across a lot of information, and the film is well made with a good soundtrack.

Definitely worth watching for anyone interested in making the trip, and also for those who have been but would like to be reminded of some of the highlights.


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