Cities associated with Buddha

Cities associated with Buddha

This is a series of short films about various cities that are associated with the Buddha, either through his life, or his teaching, which appear to be vignettes made as part of a larger project perhaps retelling the life of the Buddha.

The first two, which could have been made into one, are about Bodhgaya, where the Buddha attained Awakening, and spent the first seven weeks afterwards: the places and events associated with those weeks are shown and illustrated.

Afterwards we move on to Sarnath, or Isipatana, where the Buddha gave his first teaching, and where a large monastery grew up in later times; we then get a glimpse at Sravasti, Vaishali, Nalanda and Kushinagar where the Buddha attained parinibbāna.

The films sometimes have an on-screen female narrator, and at other times an off-screen male narrator, and they are illustrated with attractive paintings and video of the archaeological sites.

The playlist comes across as a little fragmentary, but still contains valuable glimpses of the various sites, and the information about what role they played in the Buddha’s life and teaching ministry.


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