Earth in 1000 Years


Part of the Cosmic Journeys series, the title of this episode is something of a misnomer, as it hardly talks about what the earth will be like in 1,000 years at all.

It’s main focus is on explaining how climate change has always been with us, and how even small changes in the climate effect the eco-system.

With a good and clear narrative story, and CGI graphics animating the story, this is one of the better documentaries I have seen about the subject in a long time.

In the past 2 billion years there have been 5 ice ages, and we are at the end of the last one. The concern now is how much effect humans are having on the planet and especially its atmosphere.

If you want to be better informed about the debate on climate change this film gives a lot of background you may not have otherwise, and it is worth seeing for that alone.


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