Blue Planet

Blue Planet

We made many discoveries when we went to the moon, but perhaps none was so astonishing as what we see when we looked back to our fragile world shining blue and green in the vast reaches of almost empty space: it truly gave us a new perspective on things.

This film uses high-definition footage taken by astronauts in the international space station as they travel over the continents and oceans of the world, coupled with on-the-ground footage from various sources.

The perspective from space has helped us not only to see our connectedness on earth, but also to understand how the complex systems in the ecosphere function together and are interdependent.

But in the last couple of hundred years we have started to change the ability of that system to sustain itself in radical ways unknown before in evolutionary history: the climate is changing, resources are being depleted and species are going extinct.

This film is an eloquent plea for a more responsible management of the earth and its resources, and a warning about what will happen if we fail to respond to that challenge.

The astonishing thing is that the film, which seems so up-to-date in all its concerns, was made 25 years ago, in 1990, and nothing really has changed fundamentally, except we have now well over 7 billion resource hungry people, as opposed to 5 billion as then.

Like a psychopath driving a car at full speed heading for a cliff edge, we know where we’re going, we know it is going to end in disaster, but being driven by greed, hatred and delusion, we are unable to avert it.


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