Tibetan Buddhism in China (Sertar)

Tibetan Buddhism in China (Sertar)

This is a film broadcast by NHK, Japan earlier this year, that seems to have been filmed secretly over a period of a year or more by one unnamed Chinese filmmaker at the famous Tibetan monastery at Sertar.

Normally the authorities do not allow photography at Sertar, so this is an exceptional chance to see life inside what is probably the largest monastery in the world, housing over 20,000 monks and nuns.

Not only did the filmmaker get access to the monastery, but he also interviewed high lamas like Tsutim Lodhi Khenpo, and nuns like Ishi Wangmo, as well as filming teachings in Tibetan and Chinese.

The monastery was destroyed during the cultural revolution, and was rebuilt starting around 1980 by Jigme Phuntsok, who was its head until he passed on in 2004. The current head is Tenzin Gyatso, who we see giving teachings and blessings.

The film also focuses on the old practice of sky burial, where the deceased are cut up and offered to the birds, mainly vultures, and there is an interview with Tsewang Rinzing, who is a young sky burial master.


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2 comments to Tibetan Buddhism in China (Sertar)

  • Bill Walton

    …have watched this before on NHK World…..it’s really worth watching again……thank you Bhante……

  • Cathy Wang

    When was this documentary filmed? cause the monk in your documentary who “study all day everyday” dis-robbed and left the monastery several years ago.

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