Potala Palace (World Heritage China)

Potala Palace

This is the last of these World Heritage documentaries I will be showing from CNTV, although there are many more, and people who are interested can follow up on their channel.

This week’s programme is about the Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace in Tibet, which includes the Potala Palace, and also the Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka, the Dalai Lama’s summer palace, all of which are on the World Cultural Heritage list.

The film starts by describing how the Palace was first made in the 7th century, and then remade in the 17th by the 5th Dalai Lama, and the various ancient statues and paintings that are still found there, before moving on to describe the other featured monuments.

The film inevitably touches on the turbulent history of Tibet, and makes claims about that country’s relationship to China that not all will be able to accept.


I am unable to embed the film here, but follow this link for the video:

Watch on CCTV


to see a set of stills click on the date at the top of the embed below


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