Himalaya, Heavenly Path, Changtang

Himalaya  Heavenly Path  Changtang

This is the third and last film made about life in the Himalayas by the Korean Broadcasting System. Unfortunately, try as I may, I could not find the second in the series, but the first about The Path of Yarchgumba I published last week.

That film was set mainly in Nepal, but with this one we have moved westward to Ladakh, and look at the lives of some of last remaining nomads living in the Himalayas, the Changpa of Changtang. I previously published other films about these peoples Stone Pastures of Ladakh and Changpa of Ladakh.

Todays story looks more directly at their day to day lives, and how they survive the very harsh conditions of living at such high altitudes, where vegetation is scarce, and even feeding their animals is difficult.

As with the other films the story is centered around one particular family, which has the advantage of being able to examine the different roles that people play in the society, and their relationships together.

At the end of this segment is an eight-minute film about the shooting of the series, and the difficulties the film crew also had to undergo so that we could see these life stories. The crew of course are not habituated to such high altitudes, and they really had to make deep sacrifices to make these films, shooting over a one year period.


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