Finding Manjushri

Finding Manjushri

This is a very unusual film about a young Tibetan monk, the best in his class, who wishes to travel to Mount Wutai in China, to fulfil his wish to meet the Bodhisattva Manjushri, who has promised to appear to all who go there on pilgrimage.

The monk, with some trepidation, approaches his teacher, who gives him permission to go, and he sets off on foot for the long journey overland; when he arrives he checks in at the local guest house, only to be accosted by girls and smart irreligious young Chinese guys who scorn him.

Undeterred by bad weather he climbs the five mountains for a week, but never encounters the embodiment of wisdom, and has to return without fulfilling his wish. Before he goes he is given a letter to deliver to someone in Bhutan.

The film is based on a story told by Khentsye Rinpoche, and has much wisdom in its telling.


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