China from Above: The Living Past

China from Above: The Living Past

This unusual film from National Geographic takes a look at some of the most photogenic of China’s landmarks from the vantage point of the air.

The film starts with the Tai people in the far south, who are ethnically Thai, and follow similar traditions, like the spring water and lights festival (Songkran).

We then travel north to Shaolin to see the martial arts monastery and their warriors, and then on to the monumental Leshan Buddha statue at the juncture of three rivers.

Visits are then paid to the Heaven’s Gate Cave, an impressive natural formation, the Great Wall, the Hanging Temple of Hengshan, the Karez canal system in the Gobi desert, the Hani rice terraces and a number of other famous sites in China.

The film is fairly superficial, but nevertheless whets the thirst for seeing some of the wonderful cultural and natural sites in China.


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