Bali, Indonesia (Expoza)

Bali, Indonesia

This is from a series of films by Global Television shot all over world, giving well photographed introductions to various places, of which we will be focusing on the ones of interest to Buddhists.

The films are quite light introductions to their subjects, mainly good photography, well chosen soundtracks, and a reasonable, but sometimes inaccurate, narration giving a cultural and historical introduction to its subject.

In this week’s film we travel, at a rather hectic pace, round the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. Starting in Denpasar, which looks much more interesting than I remember it, with many old temples, the team travels to various spots all around the island, seeing its temples especially, and also some of its cultural shows.

On the cultural side we get a glimpse of the Lelong, Barang and Kecak dances, and we also spend time in Ubud, which has many wonderful artisans working there, and everywhere we go seemingly there are beautiful temples and gardens to see, too many to mention here.



to see a set of stills click on the date at the top of the embed below


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