A Man of Peace, the Dalai Lama in Norway


This is a record of the Dalai Lama’s one week visit to Norway in 1989 in order to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for that year, which for some time gave hope that growing international recognition of the Tibetan cause would lead to a resolution of the problem.

The documentary opens with the formal ceremonies surrounding the presentation of the prize, with extracts from the speeches that were given at the time, including by the Dalai Lama himself both in Tibetan and English.

That was followed by other gatherings, including the evening dinner held in honour of the recipient, and more importantly the Nobel Lecture, which was held on the following day.

In the following days the Dalai Lama also travelled to Samiland in northern Norway, where he was greeted by the chairman of the Sami Parliment, and Trondheim, where he visited the cathedral.

Still we see that 25 years after receiving the prize, nothing much has changed in Tibet, except that the indigenous Tibetan population is now outnumbered by the Han Chinese, and the people have turned to desperate measures to lodge their protests in the form of self-immolations.


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