The Mountain Yogi, Lama Govinda

The Mountain Yogi, Lama Govinda

This is an inspiring film from Kinnaur in northern India, looking at the life and meditation of a modern-day Milarepa, Lama Govinda, who like his predecessor is following the way of Ngak.

The film begins while lama is still on a long retreat, and we hear first from his helper Ram Kedar Negi, who takes him food everyday, and sees to his minimal needs, while living in what looks like a temporary shelter high in the mountains.

We then get some background of who Lama Govinda is, and how he came to this way of life, though his extraordinary birth, his initial contacts with Dharma, and his eventually leaving study for practice.

Later we see Lama on the roads of northern India, going on a kind of blessing yatra, before we finally have some interviews with Lama himself, who turns out to be completely simple, humble and sincere.

It is really good to see people practising so sincerely and then sharing their blessings with others in this way, and good to see that the path is still being maintained, though Lama warns, presciently: “Now, children are going to school. That is why they don’t don’t know much.” Indeed.


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2 comments to The Mountain Yogi, Lama Govinda

  • Shiroshi Goonatillake

    I really appreciate of this short film. I am from Sri Lanka. I very much respect to Lama Gobind. I am visiting India many times per year but never visit to North India. So Please let me write me how to come to meet and pay my respect to Lama Gobind. Give me the instructions how to come and how meet him.

    I am also strong buddhist and have a connection of Tibetan buddhist.

    Please help me to come to Kinnur and pay respect to Lama Gobind.

    May triple gem bless all of you.

  • Neil Jaynes

    Fantastic documentary, I live in the UK and can only dream of travelling to Northern India 😢

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