Path to Enlightenment, 3/4

Path to Enlightenment

This is the third in the series of films made in Vietnam about the lives of the Buddha and his disciples. One of the really good things about the film is the way stories from the lives of the disciples are interwoven, which sustains interest on the one hand, and brings to the fore little known stories from the commentaries on the other.

In this episode we get the stories of Purṇa, who vowed to go to the barbarian lands and teach them Dharma; the clever youth Katyayana; Maudgallāyana’s conversion of a mean market woman, and Mahā Kaśyapa’s preference in going to the poor for alms, to give them a chance for making merit.

Also we see the passing away of the Buddha’s Father, and the quest for women’s ordination by Mahāpajāpatī, and the Buddha’s gracious acceptance; and a story about Ānanda and the girl who falls in love with him. The final story is about Angulimāla, who is converted from his murderous ways.


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