Path to Enlightenment, 2/4


This is the second part of the story of the Buddha and his Disciples in a film made by the Hoang Phap Monastery in Vietnam, and again we have a good collection of stories woven together.

At the beginning we find Śāriputra and Maudgallayana seeking out the Buddha with their disciples, and they eventually meet Him during a Dhamma Teaching in the forest at night, and are later singled out by the Buddha.

The Buddha also meets with the wandering ascetic Kaśyapa (soon to be Mahā Kaśyapa), and accepts him as a disciple, and allows him to continue with his dhutanga practices, as an example for future generations.

We then get the strory of Anāthapiṇḍika, his initial meeting with the Buddha, and his buying of Jeta’s Wood at Śrāvastī by placing gold to cover the ground; during this episode we also see Śāriputra debating with the brahmins, who are won over to the new teaching.

The scene moves on to Kapilavastu, where the Buddha meets up with his family, and ordains his son Rāhula, the low-caste barber Upāli (soon to be foremost in Vinaya), as well as numerous others of the Sakyan clan, including Devadatta, who is portrayed as haughty and jealous from the beginning.


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