In Search of the Dead I: Powers of the Mind

Powers of the Mind

This is the first in a three part series of programmes about paranormal phenomena and reincarnation produced by BBC Wales in 1992. The other programmes will be shown in the following weeks.

The first of the series looks at the powers of the mind, the possibility of telepathy and also at the history of experiments that have been made and the evidence that has accumulated.

The programme also conducts its own experiments with someone claiming no previous psychic experience. Surprisingly she is able to pick up information sent telepathically, and in one experiment quite accurately describes a scene she is remote from.

In Buddhism these sorts of powers are classed as one of the abhiññā, viz. cetopariyañāṇa, the ability to read others’ minds:

Parasattānaṁ parapuggalānaṁ cetasā ceto paricca pajānāti:
He knows that with his mind he can read the minds of other beings, of other persons:

sarāgaṁ vā cittaṁ “sarāgaṁ cittan”-ti pajānāti,
when a mind has passion he knows “the mind has passion”,

vītarāgaṁ vā cittaṁ “vītarāgaṁ cittan”-ti pajānāti…
or when a mind is without passion he knows “the mind is without passion”…


Future episodes cover other types of abhiññā, the ability to hear heavenly voices (dibbasota); and recollection of past lives (pubbenivāsānussati).

In the West, science, under the influence of a different culture, has difficulty accepting the evidence, though in the East this is often a matter of everyday experience as further episodes will show.


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Melvin. L. Morse


Dr. Peter Fenwick


Charles Honorton


Prof. Robert L. Morris


Dr, Keith Harary


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