Evidence of Revision 1: The Assassination of President Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

When I was young, which seems quite a long time ago by now 🙂 it was the case that you could ask anyone where they were and what they were doing when they heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated and they would certainly be able to tell you. The event – at least in the Western countries – made such a strong impact.

I certainly know where I was and what I was doing, as it was my 10th birthday and the news came in in the evening, with an Announcement interrupting the screening on the BBC. As I was only 10 I must admit I was not really sure who JFK was or quite what it meant to say he had been assassinated. It did penetrate though that this was a very important event.

Maybe because of the coincidence, or maybe because it was such a world-changing occurrence, and there again maybe because it has never been satisfactorily explained, I have always been interested in the events surrounded the assassination of the President.

It seems to have been the first time that widespread accusations of Governmental conspiracy were rumoured, and given not only the inexplicable and contradictionary circumstances surrounding the assassination itself, but also the killing of the assassin, this is not surprising.

Because of these problems since then there have been official commissions of inquiry set up, films and documentaries made, books and articles written and expert and eye-witness testimonies given. All to no avail as I don’t think anyone who has ever studied the event and its aftermath is entirely sure what really happened on that fateful day – or why it happened. It surely did change the course of history though.

A couple of years ago an anonymous series of films appeared on the Net called Evidence of Revision. These are not documentaries in the normal sense of the word where you have experts either up-front or on audio guiding what you see, there is virtually none of that, except for the occasional subtitle.

What they do contain is footage surrounding various events that aired at some point and then were quickly forgotten. The first episode concerns the assassinations of Kennedy and subsequently Lee Harvey Oswald. Although I have seen nearly every documentary ever made on the subject, I was astonished at how much relevant material there was which previously we have not seen.

Whether you have seen documentaries about these events before, or whether you have come to your own conclusions over the years I do urge you to take another look at the film, especially the reporting as it unfolded, which is now really historic material.

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In further espisodes (not being shown here) the series examines the history of LBJ, the entry into the Vietnam war, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, the assassination of Martyn Luther King (made as a kind of add-on as Part Six), the CIA’s mind-control programs, the Jonestown massacre and many other significant and so far unsatisfactoriy explained events in modern American history.

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