Heaven On Earth 6: Buddhism

Heaven On Earth 6  Buddhism

This is the final part of Christy Kenneally’s look at the world’s religions though their art and architecture, and here he looks at Buddhism through some of the monuments it has inspired. Previously subjects included Pagansim, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

This short film, after briefly relating the life of the Buddha, focuses on three iconic buildings it has inspired: the Sanchi Stupas, the Borobudur monument, and the Chuang Yen monastery in New York state, which in turn is based on Tang dynasty buildings.

Despite some inaccuracies in the film, something we find regularly with western interpreters, we nevertheless get a reasonable overview of certain aspects of the religion, and an introduction to some of its artistic heights.

The film features some very good photography, and one can’t help wondering what could have been achieved if he had had more time in which to discuss the matters at hand. As it is the film comes across as slight, barely touching on its subject.


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